Practical Problems in Exploration Geochemistry

A. A. Levinson, P. M. D. Bradshaw and I. Thomson
269 pp. /1 halftone /67 line diagrams /49 tables

ISBN 0-915834-05-7, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 86-72694


This volume is a good addition to exploration geochemistry literature and will be useful to geologists working in geochemical exploration. It can be an excellent complement to university geochemical exploration courses.”


The questions posed are those that will have to be answered in the field, in the laboratory, and during the interpretation of results before ‘go or no go’ decisions on a property can be made.”

Frederic R. Siegel (The George Washington University), Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta


Practical Problems … should be purchased and read by all explorationists using geochemical surveys routinely in their exploration programs. Students and academics will also find the book very useful.”

S. J. Hoffman (Senior Geochemist, BP-Selco, Vancouver), Applied Geochemistry


Practical Problems in Exploration Geochemistry is a publication that can appeal equally to the professional geochemist, exploration geologist or to the undergraduate. It is certainly a powerful teaching aid and suggests that the concept should be applied to other areas of mineral exploration, such as geophysics.”

R. E. Lett (Barringer Ltd.), The Canadian Mineralogist



      Part A. Reconnaissance Surveys
      Part B. Follow-Up Surveys
      Part C. Detailed Surveys
      Part D. Integrated Surveys
      Part E. Miscellaneous Surveys